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Welcome to Live By Honor's new website!

As our current site is undergoing growing pains we have decided to test out a few other sites in the hopes of finding one that is more user friendly and guild compatible.

Please make sure you sign up, sign in and start posting! 

Our guild rules were recently updated so make sure that you READ THEM!

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Live By Honor Rules and Ranks

Malyshka, Jul 5, 10 8:24 AM.

These rules will be the GUILD MASTER'S decision.  Yes, it is his/her subjective opinion on what to do in any given situation.  These decisions are discussed with GUILD OFFICERS and are not subject to  random questioning!

General Rules

  • Guild members will sign up on the guild website; make a “Hi I’m here” post in the appropriate class forum.
    • Failure to visit the website at least one time per week will result in not being allowed to raid with the guild until you visit the website.  A mechanic will be set up for verification.
  • When you join the guild, you will be in the guild for one week on a trial basis.  After the trial, you will be placed at the appropriate rank based upon your gear score rating & performance in game. 
    • Your performance in game includes such things as, attitude, raid/instance dps vs. gs, etc. 
    • These are only some of the variables the officers are looking for.
  • The Officer ranking has many additional requirements, including but not limited to: 
    • You must be 18 years or older to be an officer!
    • Just like joining the guild, you must fill out an application to be approved for an officer position.
    • As with the rest of the guild rankings, the variables for becoming an officer are many.
    • If you leave the guild as an officer and then return at a later time, you will no longer be an officer and will have to start at the bottom and work your way up the ranking system. 
  • Your alts must be marked at the alt ranking within 15 days of them joining the guild.
    • This is done by an officer and usually is done automatically upon them being invited to the guild.
  • If your main toon leaves the guild, your alts must leave as well!


Raid Rules

  • Ventrilo will be used for all 10 and 25 man raids, get it, set it up,  & USE IT!           
  • 25 Man Raids will be posted on Friday and Sunday between 12:00pm and 6:00pm server/pacific time.
    • Unless otherwise noted.
  • 10 Man Raids will be posted throughout the week.
  • There is a Two Strike Rule! 
    • If a raid leader tells you to do something like keep vent chatter down, put up your vanity pets, buff a raid member, etc.  Please do it.
    • If you do not do whatever you have been asked to do immediately, upon a second request, you can be kicked from the raid.  This will be the raid leader’s decision.  Yes, it is his/her subjective opinion on whether to kick.  No, that decision is not open to appeal.
  • If we ask you to come on your alt, your alt may roll with main-spec rolls.  If we ask you to use your off-spec for the raid, you may still roll as your main-spec.
  • The guild will now pay for raid and other repairs when the bank is over 10k gold.  When it drops below that amount then guild repairs are suspended.  Your limit is 50 gold per day. 
    • Repair costs are paid by the guild bank for Epic Raiders and above.
  • If you must leave a raid, talk to an officer or the raid leader, if you leave the raid unexpectedly and/or do not explain why, you will be put on probation.
  • At this time the only non-puggable raids are 25 MAN ICC AND ABOVE.  If you have a specific reason why you MUST pug on a given week, please talk to an officer.  You are to NEVER ask for any guild member for a progression pug. 
  • All 10 man versions are puggable although if a guild raid is on the calendar, we do encourage you to sign up for it!
  • In order to raid with Live By Honor you must be using Omen and either Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs.  No ifs, ands or buts!  They are to be downloaded at,, or the addon author’s sites.  If you need help, you may contact me (Trothfang).
  • Progression raids will be limited to 3.5 hours sessions.
  • If you sign up for a raid and do not show up, give a good reason for your absence then you will be denied loot and pugging abilities. 
    • The time limit is determined by an officer or the GM.
  • When you sign up for the 25 man and there are continuations, you MUST attend the continuations!
    • If you absolutely cannot make a continuation, set yourself as tentative on the calendar and let an officer know why you are unable to make continuation PRIOR to the day of the scheduled event.
    • Priority for available raid spots will be given to those who come AND stay for both the scheduled raid and its continuation.
  • Anyone who goes AFK in a raid without warning the Raid Leader or an Officer will receive disciplinary action
    • Disciplinary actions are decided by the Officer(s) attending the raid.
  • Vent
    • All raids will be held in the appropriate Raid Vent Channels to avoid confusion
    • While a raid is in progress you may enter the vent channel for that raid to listen, but do not speak unless it is absolutely urgent.
      • Your PvP match is not urgent, and unless asked for neither is your opinion on strategy.
    • Do not come into a Raid Vent channel looking for members for a pugged raid.  This should not have to be said, but a guild raid is more important than your pugged raid.
  • Raid Loot Distribution:
    • For progression raids, loot will be limited to
    • 1 main spec roll (per raid)
    • 1 off spec roll (per raid)
      • When everyone from the same armor class wins a roll, then you may roll again.
      • All pure spec classes (Mage, Hunter, Rogue, and Warlock) have the right to roll twice.
      • The second roll would be done as an off spec roll.
    • For the “trophy” drop (mark) you may win 1 per raid. 
    • Other “trophy” type items, ie:  primordial saronite are rolled by the raid leader’s instruction.





In determining what rank to place guild members at, we use several methods as well as a few online resources.  WoW-Heroes shows us your gear scores as well as your gems and enchants all of which are important in determining where you are at in terms of raids.  Our ranks are based primarily on raiding; therefore this is our primary tool. If says you are ready for 25 man content but you have not gemmed and enchanted your gear, we may not promote you because you are not “ready” to raid.


We will also run instances, raids with you to see how well you play your toon.  If your DPS, for example, doesn’t meet the “standards” then you may not be promoted.  We want to know that you are 100% ready for whatever content is thrown at you.  ICC especially is where you must meet raid ready requirements, so if your gear is not gemmed or enchanted, “Get er done!”



Epic Raider

Raiders with this rank must participate in at least 75% of the progression raids.  This now includes CONTINUATIONS!  This shows that you are willing to learn the encounters and help us to progress!  This content includes 25 man ICC and beyond.  Epic Raider ranked members will now benefit from 75% off AH prices in the guild bank and progression raid repairs paid by guild.  Other benefits to come!


Heroic Raider

Gear Score of 2600+ (via or 5400 (via GearScore add on) in your main spec.  There are other aspects that go into this rank as stated above. 

Gearing Raider

Need to run heroic and regular instance for the gear score to move up.


Those people who do not wish to raid, but who still enjoy our company.



As the title implies; This ranking is for the alternate characters of guild members.

Trial by Fire

This rank is used for new guild members for the first week.  If you are still at Trial by Fire level after that week, please let an officer know.


 This rank is used for anyone who breaks the rules.  The top three:

  • Pugging a progression raid
  • Inappropriate use of guild chat
  • Actions that are deemed inappropriate by at least two officers

We will be lenient and will talk to you about it. 




Edited July 3, 2010


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